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How to Become a Dealer?

Dealer Information and Qualifications


Remington Medical represents a number of manufacturers with wholesale pricing allowing their products to be sold through dealers throughout the Canadian market. We have been selling dealer based products in Canada for 30 years however in recent years our market has shifted due to US internet sales direct to Canada and the reversal of the value of our Canadian dollar. In 2012 it has become more challenging to offer all products with discounts that were available in the past.


We have core products listed below that are suited for sale through dealers and have an excellent discount structure that will allow you to earn a good margin and be competitive in our Canadian market.


Kinesio - Taping products

Hygenic - Thera-Band

Battle Creek – Thermophore and Ice It

Imack - Orthopaedic home use soft goods



WR Medical - Wax therapy products

Verity Medical – Tens and EMS electrodes

Theratrode – Electrodes



Once you have established an account with Remington Medical our sales team will evaluate the needs of your business and determine the level of discounts that would apply for your business. Based on your sales volume or potential volume additional discounts may apply.


The pricing that you see on the Website for our dealer products will not be reflected until your account has been established. 


You will see that Remington Medical carries a wide variety of products on our web site many are specialized therefore only the products that we have determined that are dealer products will have discounts applied.


Dealers can purchase most products from our web site at discounts that are available to you when you log in your account number. If you see a product that you can sell in reasonable quantities please ask us and we can determine pricing that may be suitable for all parties.


If you are home care or specialized reseller of rehabilitation products and would like to have a copy of our dealer price list and credit application please log in as a dealer and we will be pleased to help you in any way possible to increase your business in the community you serve.


How to become a Remington dealer?


1.  Must have a ship to address in Canada
2.  Financial stability
3.  Good reputation for service and business attributes.


Remington Medical sells our dealer products to:


- Home Health Care Dealers
- Sports Medicine and Fitness Retail
- Pharmacies with Home Health Care sections



What Remington offers


Remington Medical supports you through our specialized dealer sales manager, who will commit to the needs of your business by helping with product training, merchandising, marketing, and overall sales support.


We also provide you with our catalogue, in both hardcopy and an updated virtual flipbook. This can be used as a sales tool for your company to provide support and quick order processing.


Above all we have excellent customer care.


We do not claim to be perfect,  but we will make good on our promises to you and your customers.


Joining Remington Medical


If you are a high performing dealer who understands the value of working with Remington Medical, then we recommend you to take the next step!


Please go to the "Register" screen top right-hand corner of our Home Page and fill out your contact details. If you have any questions or would like immediate assistance during business hours please contact:


1-800-267-5822 for dealer services.



We appreciate your interest in Remington Medical and the possibility of joining our network of fine dealers across Canada.